Ricotta Souffle

So after a ridiculously long hiatus, I'm back!!
I've kept up with cooking, and kept taking pictures, but nothing seemed to come out right, food and pictures alike.  I didn't want to post anything I wasn't proud of, but I guess at this point I've kind of given up.  In order to stop procrastinating, I'll just add what I've got.

I got an itch the other night to make a souffle.  I had never done it before, and even had to run out and buy the special ramekins for them.
The recipe is from epicurious, so instead of posting the recipe, you can just access it here.  I literally followed it to a T.  The only difference I made was instead of blackberries, I used blueberries.  It came out fantastic!  I was so excited watching it rise in the oven, doing exactly what I was hoping it would do.  Sadly, with my luck, it fell thirty seconds of coming out of the oven.  Presentation aside, I still licked the bowl!

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