Mini Cheesecake Bites
Macerated Berries
Warm Chocolate

Milkshake Monday was kind of a bust this week. The weather has been so awful here, rainy and freeeezing all week. While most people love fall, to me it just means the coming of winter :( .

Yesterday, instead of milkshakes, I decided to try my hand at something... less cold. These little bites came out of complete circumstance. Leftover oil, a little tempura batter, and a few slices of cheesecake. By adding a ton of sugar to the batter, it made it extra sweet and perfect for covering dessert treats. Then i took the slices of cheesecake and got my hands totally messy by hand rolling them into little balls! By rolling them around in the batter and tossing them in the hot oil for a few minutes, they turned into these awesome little bites! A nice crunch on the outside but still creamy cheesecake on the inside.

Everything dessert could use a little pureed raspberries, so I threw those, as well as a little blackberries, a
splash of Chambord, and more sugar into the blender. It turned into this delicious sauce that added a sweet tartness to the cheesecake. Then, just to make it that much better (as if it could get any better than deep fried raspberry cheesecake), I threw some chocolate sauce into the microwave and drizzled that over top.

This was my first try at a "smear" and it turned out gorgeous! I think its really important to not only focus on how the food tastes, but how it looks on the plate! A friend told me once that she thought it was odd how much time people spend on making their dishes look, when they get devoured two seconds later. To me, its a form of art! A mini masterpiece! Its to be enjoyed through every sense you have, and this is the kind of dish that hits them all. Its visually appealing, smells great from the berries and chocolate, tastes fantastic, feels silky and creamy, and you even hear the crunch from the crispy batter.

Can the picture hanging on your wall say the same thing?

Edible art!

(also I promise I'm going to track down my dslr soon and start taking real pictures!)

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