Chilean Seabass
Wild Mushrooms
Saffron Orzo

For my first official blog post, I figured I'd start it off right and go with one of the fanciest meals I've ever made. I've never worked with saffron before, and it was so fun to watch it turn the orzo a gorgeous yellow! The fish was perfectly flaky with a nice crunch on the outside from pan searing. The mushrooms added earthiness, and the orzo was light and citrusy. While this meal sounds like it would take tons of time and culinary skill to make, it was actually quite simple!!

Preheat an oven-safe sauté pan with oil over medium high heat
Salt and pepper both sides of the fish liberally
Pan sear on both sides, starting with the skin side down first
When you get a good crust on the fish, transfer the entire pan to a 400 degree oven and let it sit in there until the fish turns opaque

I used the directions on the box of orzo to cook it initially
After preparing it, I added the saffron, a bit of finely chopped parsley (although my "fine chop" isn't exactly up to par yet!), and the juice from an entire lemon

For the mushrooms, the produce department had a package of wild mushrooms
I started with caramelizing onions, adding them to a sauté pan with a little bit of oil over medium-low heat
Adding the mushrooms in with a little garlic, I let them cook down ljust slightly so they still maintained texture
Then I took a little white wine and added that to the pan, letting it cook down to a thick sauce with the sugars from the onions

Layer all the ingredients however you like, and you have a delicious gourmet meal with minimal effort!

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