Some of my more ridiculous recipes come from random late night cravings for very specific things. Tonight, it was hollandaise! So while most people are dreaming of sugarplum fairies, I’m vigorously whisking egg yolks and butter over the stove. The issue is that at 3 in the morning, I don’t always have every ingredient I need, so a lot of improvising and inventing comes into play. Tonight, I went looking for things to make eggs benedict, but not surprisingly, I came up short. We had plenty of eggs, a few different kinds of cheese, but not much else. However, a couple nights ago we had fajitas, and the leftovers were the perfect substitution! I heated up a frying pan and fried up a couple eggs along side some diced peppers and onions. After removing those and letting them sit on a paper towel to soak up the oil, I added corn tortillas to the pan. Heating those up gave them a nice crunch, and putting the slices of cheese on there and covering the pan, it melted the cheese perfectly.

So I took a cheesy tortilla, layed it on the plate, and added the fried egg and peppers and onions. Topped it with another cheesy tortilla and then covered the entire thing in hollandaise. Hence, texmex benedict! It was extra rich and cheesy, still crunchy from the tortillas and even a little sweet from the peppers and onions. This is definitely a meal I would make again. The only issue I found was that while I was cooking the tortillas everything else just sat out and got a little cold, so once I got it all layered I had to stick it in the microwave for about twenty seconds to reheat all the other components.

Another tip I would keep in mind before making something like this: only make what you want to eat right then! One is plenty enough for one person. I made the mistake of making TWO of these concoctions, and ended up having to throw one in the fridge. I’m nervous as to how it will reheat, but I guess we’ll see tomorrow!

Also keep in mind, that picture up there is NOT mine, it really belongs to wickedfood.co, but as you can see, my pictures did nottt turn out so well :/

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