Sonoran Hot Dog

One thing I love about living in the DC area is the amount of food trucks we have available. I've tried to make it to as many as possible, but unfortunately since most of them are in downtown DC and I am not, they're not always so easy to get to. In comes the Top Dog truck. Not only is it a food truck that sticks pretty close in Tysons Corner, but it serves one of my favorite foods, HOT DOGS! Gourmet hot dogs at that! As soon as I saw this little gem pop up on the web, I knew I had to track it down. Not only are the people who own it super friendly, they gave me the most awesome hot dog I've ever had. Its called the "Sonoran" (don't ask me why although I'm sure they would tell you if you make it out there.) Their menu describes it as follows:

Sonoran Dog: Crispy bacon-wrapped all beef hot dog served in a brioche bun.
Topped with pinto beans, caramelized onions, freshly diced tomatoes, lime mayo, mustard, and kickin’ jalapeno sauce.

This thing was delicious! It had crunch, spice, and most of all, a hot dog! I skipped on the tomatoes, and even tried to get it without the jalapeno sauce (I'm a big wimp), but they told me I would be greatly missing out if I didn't at least try it. Boy were they right, it was my favorite part! The caramelized onions were soooo good and I would have never thought to put pinto beans on a hot dog, but am so glad they did!

The Top Dog truck hangs around Tysons Corner most days until 2 and usually have 4 options, including a "dog of the week." They even have a vegetarian option for our vegetarian zombie friends! Check them out on the streets of NOVA and take a peek at their twitter (@topdogtruck) to find out their exact location every day!

(Also, to make up for my crapola pictures from the last post, this is actually my picture! I took it sitting in my car right after getting my lunch with my Iphone, not too shabby huh?)

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