Homemade Creampuffs

One of my favorite go-to snacks are cream puffs. Everyone is always so impressed! In realiity, while they aren't the easiest things in the world, they're not as hard as everyone may think. I use an online pate a choux from one of my favorites, Alton Brown.


There are definitely a few small differences that I make though. I don't use the egg whites, just 4 eggs, and instead of using a food processer, I use a wooden spoon, and stir them directly into the bowl one at a time. Thats the tricky part, because the slimey egg doesn't like to mix into the batter very easily so it turns out being a lot of stabbing at the dough (good for anger management hah.) I don't use the parchment, instead just a pan sprayed down with pam, and I don't usually use a piping bag. Just throwing a dollop down on the pan is generally good enough.

The pate a choux is super versatile though. The filling is where it gets fun! Using a sandwich bag with a corner cut off, I started sticking with plain vanilla pudding, but the possibilities are endless!! The last time I made these were for my family in Arkansas, where I filled half of them with strawberry pudding, and the other half with a white chocolate pudding that I added smashed blueberries to. I made these on the fourth of July, where I dipped them in melted white chocolate that I colored with red, white, and blue food coloring. They can be transformed for any occasion, and they taste fantastic!!

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